It is true, when presenting your Berkeley home to future buyers, that first impressions are the most lasting.  That is why it is so important to have all of your potential issues dealt with before you invite them to tour your home. I, as you agent, will suggest many simple and easy tips to make your home extra appealing, but there are some basic things that will always need attention. 

Below are suggestions to deal with the most common mistakes in failing to prepare your home for showing to potential buyers:

a. Deal With Your Plants and Gardens.- Make sure that the dead plants are removed, trees are trimmed and old branches removed. Consult with your nurseryman to see what plants are in season, and will be for a few months, and plant them.  It is one of the most reasonably financed upgrades to your home. If your garden looks like a huge area needing high maintenance, be aware that it may scare away some buyers who are not devoted gardeners, so groom it to reflect that factor.

b. Show Off The Lines of Your Home-The buyers have come to see what your home looks like from the outside as well as the inside.  Make the first appearance simple and clean. Don't put your your car in the driveway, put it in the garage.  Remove distracting benches, gnomes, swings, children's play equipment, etc..  It is important to trim bushes away from your windows and doors so they can get a sense of the construction and design, and the original architectural plan.  Many nearby Hiller Highlands homes have imaginative designs that need showing off.

c. Consider Neutral Paint Colors For Your Home-If your home is the one that is the first seen on the block because of its jarring color, it is time to consider spending  some additional, but not excessive funds on bringing it back into the neutral range.  Colors to consider are grey, white or beige.  Too keep it from being too drab, plan to add color to the door, trim or shutters that show off the house's street appearance.

d. Be A Detective-Look at you home frankly.  You know what needs attention.  Go outside and see your home as if you are seeing it for the first time--just as your potential buyers will be seeing it.  Take a clipboard and target each area individually. Note the items that must be dealt with, and those that can wait.  So many times things get passed by because the seller does not want to deal with a cracked window, broken shutter, or torn umbrella.  You can be assured that they will get noticed, and it can affect your ability to negotiate effectively if your home appears old and worn out.

This is just a start, but a good one.  The goal is to get it right the first time, because there may be no second time.

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