In Part 1, we talked about making sure that your financial offer was strong and attractive. 

In Part 2, we will talk about the issues that will develop in buying your Piedmont home, and how to deal with them--that is, dealing with contingencies.  Together, we will spend time, before submitting the offer, deciding what will be the shortest and simplest list of contingencies that would be acceptable to you, and potentially, to the seller.

Sellers want to move on with their lives once they make the decision to place their house on the market.  Quite often, they will need the money from the sale to assure the funds for the purchase of the new house that they have selected.  As a result, if they have a choice between an offer with a long list of contingencies, and one that is simple and direct, and easy to work with, they will look to the latter--especially if the price offered is within a reasonable and workable range.  My job as your Piedmont real estate agent is to make the offer as strong as possible.

If the competition is especially tight, we can combine our offer with a letter to the owners.  In this letter, we will tell them how important the home will be to you and your family.  We will include why we think that it is special, and then list all it's outstanding features that you find so appealing.  All owners have invested a great deal of effort, and quite a bit of funding to make their home attractive, and if they can picture someone appreciating their home as much as they do, the will be inclined to consider their presentation more strongly.

Lastly, despite all these efforts above, the final asking price is still the bottom line in securing the house.  This final acceptance will only be arrived at by serious negotiations by an experienced and well informed agent.  That would be one who knows the market thoroughly, and knows what, and will not, work in the current economic conditions.  This is what I have to offer.  Negotiation skill of one of the highest skills that an agent can posses, and I have worked with success for many years to develop these talents to assist you in making your best offer. 


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