To get the full value for your Oakland home, you will need to present it to potential buyers at its very best.  While this seems obvious, there is often, in some homes, a feature that will often deter many future buyers from seriously considering the purchase.  That feature is the presence of damage or odor due to problematic pets in the home--whether dogs, cats, birds, etc.. 

All of us have had puppies and kittens, and know that it takes time for them to settle into their new homes.  There is often a lot of damage that can be caused during this short period of time, however, and the issues need to be dealt with before the home is placed on the market.

Additionally, the day to day issues surrounding pets need to be prepared for as well.  Here are some ideas to consider before inviting potential buyers into your home:

a. Arrange for the pet to be placed elsewhere during open houses or showings- Most buyers want to concentrate on the home, and not be distracted from friendly pooches or kittens who want attention.  You don't want these potential purchasers to miss all the fine features of your home because of this distraction.

b. Deal with any damage or odor issues- Recognize that your home may have problems.  It is often possible that you have gotten used to these things, and don't view them as a concern.  Ask a friend or neighbor to kindly tell you their reaction upon viewing your home for sale. It will be a valuable gift that they give to you if they are honest-either way. Make plans to make any necessary changes.

c. Keep all feeding and watering bowls clean and pleasant looking- In addition, wash pet bedding on a regularly scheduled basis to keep things smelling fresh.  If possible, put this all away before a showing.

d. Keep your floors litter free-Before a showing, if possible, pick up all toys, scratching posts, chew bones, and anything else underfoot.  They are a walking hazard, and are not attractive to your presentation.

e. Keep litter boxes super clean-This is certainly one of the most obvious things to do.  They should be nowhere in site during a house tour. 

The obvious conclusion is that while YOU may love Fluffy or Spot, your future buyers may not want to visit them when they visit you.  As your Oakland real estate agent, I will be glad to assist you in preparing for all of your Open House visitors.

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