The search for a new home is always a great adventure, and sometimes, a great challenge.  So much depends upon bringing together the perfect balance of affordability and practicality.  While most buyers will admit to wanting a large home with lots of amenities and a nice view, the market today may not be able to provide these things just as requested, and at the price desired.

However, whether you are looking in Alameda proper, or Alameda's Bay Farm Island, there is a way of getting a lot of what you want.  While you may have a very extensive list of things that you hope to find in your new house, the key is to isolate your highest priorities, and work with them first.  If you can tell me, as your agent, what you feel are the most important features, I can focus on those, and move you ahead quickly.   This will save you time, and perhaps put you at the head of a line of other buyers when something special suddenly comes on the market. Items lower on the list can be addressed at that time to determine the degree of "fit" for you.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you begin your search:

1. What Area in Alameda Appeals to You?   You probably have an idea of where you want to live in Alameda.  It may be based on the location of your extended family, the physical appeal of the surroundings, the closeness to churches, stores, friends, or a host of other reasons that make it a fit for you specifically.  After you isolate a few areas, decide which of those is the most important to you so that we can begin with them to assure that they are addressed immediately. 

2. What Schools Are Important to You?  For families with children, finding the right school is one of their very highest priorities.  Certain schools are very much in demand due to their educational quality.  Target these schools, so that we can direct our attention to homes served by them.

In Part 2, we will address the most specific questions you need to ask yourself as you look for your ideal home.   

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