Recently, in Part 1, we addressed how to keep your newly purchased Alameda home in top condition, and how to keep it in such a way that you could easily to resell it with very little time and money involved in reconditioning it.

In Part 1, we discussed what should be done to the exterior on a regular basis to keep things in shape.  In Part 2, we will follow the same pattern, and address the interior. Here are the basic  interior checks to make:

1. Check the ceilings regularly. Look for any new stains or cracks that might be a warning of some recent event that you should know about. Stains could reveal a leak in the roof, and cracks could alert you to foundation or floor problems.

2. Check the windows and doors on a monthly basis. See if they are letting in cold air, rain, or wind, and make sure that they are sealed and caulked properly. This will save you energy and repair costs down the road, and avoid mold issues.

3. Drain your water heater once a year to avoid sediment buildup on the heating coil.

4. Keep your furnace clean. Change the filter regularly as indicated in the warranty.

5. Check your appliances to see if they are running correctly, and in an energy efficient manner.

6. Check for insect infestation regularly. Termites are a serious and expensive problem in California. Many termite companies have a reasonably priced prevention inspection offer.

7. Check your interior foundation often. Go to the basement and make sure that things are level, safe, and free of mold or insects. Do the same with the attic. Many early signs of trouble can be located here.

All in all, these are simple and inexpensive steps that you can take that will, in the long run, save you a great deal of time and money if pursued regularly.


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