There are so many elements that go into selecting the ideal neighborhood for your new Alameda or Bay Farm Island home.  Over the last few days, we spoke about selecting the type of home that you might like. This time, we will consider choosing the best  neighborhood fit for you and your family. 

Each family has different needs, wants and finances.  One family will put a stress on the school district, another will want proximity to parks, recreational facilities, or transportation sources.  When all is said and done, however, the family wants to feel comfortable, welcome, and secure in their final choice, and looking forward to spending many years among their new neighbors.  There are certain basics that make any neighborhood one to consider.

1. Consideration of School Quality and Standards-For many families, this is one of the first issues to be dealt with.  Children are going to be in most homes for at least 3-5 years, and so the need for them to attend a suitable school is very strong.  While many have already decided where they are going to be, and have consulted with friends and family as to the best location, one of the most effective sources of information is . This site allows you to check the school ratings of California schools by city.  it then gives you the school rankings, and the Academic Performance Index Score.  This is an excellent means to compare and contrast various areas, and the schools that serve them. 

2. Consideration of Home Appreciation--No one wants to buy a home to find out that in a year or two, it will be worth less than its original purchase price.  This is where I, as your real estate agent, can be of valuable assistance.  I have access, through the Multiple Listing Service, and other sites, to an amazing amount of statistical history for each area that you might want to consider.  Some of the key things we would look at are:

a. What areas are just beginning to grow, and be in demand?

b. Where are the most offers for new homes being made?

c. How many "Sale Pending" or "Sold" signs are in front of homes in the neighborhood?

d. What areas are being redeveloped, retrofitted, or newly built?

After collecting this information to find these upcoming and growing areas, we will then try to find the best priced home in that group that fit your financial needs.


3. Consideration of Neighborhood Amenities: All families want to consider the convenience to certain basic elements that make an area practical and desirable. 

a. It is close to pleasant shopping areas, libraries, beaches, parks and recreational sites?

b. Is it practical in terms of transportation facilities, roads and access for the daily trips to and from work, school, and fun activities?

4. Proximity to Friends and Family--It should be close enough to both so that it is not a chore to visit either one. 

As your real estate agent, I can help you create a plan that combines the best of all these criteria, and move you into a home that you will enjoy for many years to come.



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