You are considering selling your Montclair home. You are wondering if it is worth taking the time and money to stage it.  There is just no question that a clean, bright, and visually appealing home will command more buyer attention that one that appears uncared for and drab.  Obviously, the former condition inspires confidence in the buyer that the home has been appreciated and attended to, and will cause it to stand out among its competitors in the real estate marketplace.  If your goal is to move your home promptly, and command a competitive price, you might want to consider the conclusions that were arrived at by last year on this subject. 

Whether a buyer looks at a home online or during an Open House or home tour with his realtor, first impressions count very strongly. The ultimate goal is to capture buyers as quickly as possible, and encourage them to visualize themselves in that home. Here are the conclusions arrived at:

1. While staging a million dollar home can cost $5000.00 or more, depending on your market area, staging an average home can cost about $1800.00.

2. Competition among sellers staging their home has increased.  In 2007, only 5%  staged their home.  Recently that figure is close to 25%.

3. It was revealed that 94% of the professionally staged homes sell within an average of 29 days or less, while non-staged homes remain in the market more than 145 days.

Obviously, these are not local statistics, and your marketplace, and your asking price, can cause the figures to vary from the ones studied, but the facts do seem to indicate that taking the time to stage your home, whether on your own, or professionally, will put you in a much better position when being considered by potential buyers, and it is entirely possible you will get much closer to your asking price with a polished, professional look, and a well cared for home. 


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