No matter where you want to buy a home, be it Piedmont, Montclair, or Oakland, the same basic rules apply once you see a home that you want to purchase.  Although I will be assisting you through all these steps to assure that you present the very best offer, it is helpful to plan ahead, so that when that special event arrives, you will be ready. 

1. One of the buyer's most important considerations is knowledge about the house and the neighborhood. Once you decide on that special home, I will be glad to assist you with market analyses and comparable sales information, so you will have a full sense of the marketplace that you will be working in.  You will then have a sense of what other buyers have paid for similar homes in the area, and how those homes compare the home you may be interested in. 

2. Once we locate your special home,  I will work with you to do in in-depth analyses regarding it, so you can consider the full details about the home itself.  A very important thing to consider, if your interest is strong,  is how long this home has been on the market.  Obviously, the longer the home has been on the market, the more flexible the sellers are likely to be. 

3. A Special Note: One of the very best steps to take, and one that will put  you into a strong negotiating position when you make your offer, is to get pre-approved for a loan.  If you are ready to act immediately,  you are in a much more favorable position in the eyes of the sellers. This sensible pre-planning can give you a leg up over the competition when other offers are presented.

4. Lasty, we will consider how strongly you want the home.  We will look at your priorities, and determine what you must have, and what you can not give up, in putting together an offer.  Deciding on these issues is a very important element in the process, and having these issues decided ahead of time will also put you ahead of other buyers who have not taken the time to do this, and are not ready to move ahead. 

In summary, buying a home, whether your first, or one of many in your life, is an exciting time.  I look forward to helping you do just that. 

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