You are planning to move into your new Oakland home, but find that you have an overwhelming amount of things to move from your older Alameda home.  The projected moving costs seem quite high.  Here are some tips to saving money on your moving costs:

1. Weed Out Your Junk:  While this may seem obvious, it is a very difficult thing to do.  It is made more difficult by sorting through things that have accumulated over years and years.  The best policy is to have each family member tackle their room first, then move to the common areas like the living room, family room and kitchen.  Set out three criteria for each room, and label boxes accordingly.  The three boxes should be labeled "Throw Away", "Donate" and "Garage Sale".  You might be able to motivate the family to work harder by agreeing to have a garage sale, with all the funds going to a joint fun activity.

2. Do Most Of Your Own Packing: Doing this allows you to have a more leisurely time to pick through and pack each of your personal items, instead of having them packed in a rushed manner on the day of the move.  It is also significantly cheaper, since fees for mover packing, plus the cost of packing materials, can be quite high. Remember, however, that movers are generally not responsible for damage to items in boxes that you have packed.  Get the details on this from them.

3. Shop Around to Save On Packing Materials:  Large home improvement stores sell packing materials, and they are generally quite reasonable.  You can check with your local small liquor or grocery stores to see if they would like to get rid of boxes.  You can save on packing cushioning by using your towels, blankets and sheets to protect less vulnerable items in your rooms.

4.Get Numerous Estimates from Referred Movers:  While the Public Utilities Commission sets minimum legal rates for moving in California, the quality and reliability of your mover can make a huge difference in the final price that you will pay.  Sit down with at least three movers, have them come to your home (avoid phone or Internet bids), and ask them all the basic questions, plus details about how many men with be on the move, their hourly charges, and full details on insurance coverage for your items. 

With household moving, the phrase "Time is Money" is literally true.  The less time that movers take to move you, the less money you will pay, so make plans accordingly to save time, money and stress the day of the move.   



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