When the time comes to sell your Oakland or Piedmont home, you will receive all kinds of advice from friends and family as to the price that you should be selling it for.  While all of this advice is well meant, the final price should be based on hard facts that take into account the current marketplace which includes your neighborhood, your competition, and the vitality of the area economy.  

If you are going to move ahead in the most effective manner, you need information, and lots of it.  Here are some excellent sources:

1. Start With My Website: www.brucewagg.com- Here is where we begin work together to begin your pricing process. My site allows you to view the most comprehensive, and up to date Multiple Listing Service information about homes throughout the area.  Additionally, it allows you to consider each and every neighborhood in Oakland and Piedmont.  It is a great starting place, because it shows you your competition.  No matter where you live, you will be able to view interior and exterior pictures of nearby homes for sale, along with a detailed list of their amenities. You will be able to pinpoint their location in comparison to your home, and obtain a frank and dispassionate initial overall view of the competition for homes similar to yours.  It will give you the basis to ask me the questions that you will have as we move forward.  

2. Get In Your Automobile: One of the most effective tools in gathering pricing information will be your automobile.  Now that you have a list of homes in the area that might be in competition with your home, drive by each.  Compare all the various important elements that you are seeing vs.your home's present situation.  Consider the neighborhood ambiance, traffic patterns, convenience to shopping, schools  and transportation.  Is your home in better condition or better placed?  Is your exterior more groomed and appealing?  Will you need to invest a lot of money to match this competition?

3. Analyze The Comparative Market Analyses (CMA) That I Prepare-We will be working as a team to price your home.  While you are doing your research above, I will be preparing a Comparative Market Analyses for you.  Using all of my resources as your Oakland real estate agent, I will prepare this written report that will be a summary of all the elements that are under consideration in pricing your home.  We will be comparing homes that are as close as possible to yours in terms of location, size, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage space, yard size, other important amenties that count.  This will be a helpful and detailed report which will be your major source of information in your final pricing decision.    

 By using all these three steps above, you can be assured that you have the most current information available regarding the best price possible for your home, and one that will move the home sale forward  inthe best possible time.  





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