It would be ideal if you had plenty of time and money to upgrade your Oakland home before you put it up for sale.  Realistically, the odds are that you might not have either one.  If it is important to get your house on the market in a short time period, and still be able to make it attractive to potential buyers, there are some ways that are flexible in terms of both time and money. 

Four Quick and Reasonably Priced Ways to Upgrade Your Home:

a. Paint Your House--One of the quickest, and most effective ways to give a facelift to a tired home is by using paint.  You can choose to paint all the rooms, or some of the rooms, or just concentrate on the exterior trim.  That is the appeal of paint. Take a complete tour of your home, and look at it as if you were a visitor.  What things stand out that need attention?  Make plans to concentrate on those first, and expand as your budget allows.  The rooms do not all have to be white.  Use soft, muted colors like pale green or light beige. Check out designer websites for inspiration and suggestions.

b. Deal With Your Floors: If you have old, worn out carpeting, consider removing it and replacing it with new.  Again, to save funds and time, concentrate first on the most worn, and the areas that will be seen immediately by potential buyers.  If you have to invest funds, invest in the best padding, and you can get away with purchasing middle priced carpeting material. Another option is to consider removing the carpets entirely, and look to the large variety of currently available laminate type materials. 

c. Consider Upgrading Your Home Lighting: Dark, dreary rooms with old fashioned lamps and overhead lights are unappealing, and frankly very dated.  With the large expansion of home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's, there is an amazing variety of reasonably priced lighting that is simple to install.  It will make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your rooms.  Consider expanding your attention to exterior lighting. The new solar lighting for gardens and pathways makes a great impact. 

d. Use Plants Everywhere: Use seasonal plants for your front and back yard.  Watch for weekly sales, because most home stores have them.  Using the home design websites, look for suggestions as to how to place them in the most attractive manner.  Remove old bushes and outdated plantings.  Keep your yards fresh and clean.  Don't forget that plants and flowers can be just as effective indoors, as eye catching centerpieces,or to highlight a special room. 

We know how important first impressions are, and these are some simple and easy ways to make your home's first impressions top notch. 

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