Many cities in the San Francisco Bay area have homes on the water.  The closest ones here are found in Alameda, on Alameda Bay Farm Island, and Ballena Bay.  Whether you want a condo, townhome or single family home, there are many things to consider when purchasing a home on, or near, the water. It is especially important to take a moment to review your choice of homes, when you know that due to their pleasant views and ambiance, they are often more expensive compared to similar homes in the neighborhood that are not by the water.

 The very best features of having a home next to a bay, stream or ocean is the view of the water, and the pleasing atmosphere of the plants and wildlife that greet you every morning from your deck and  picture windows.  Depending on your location in the Bay area, other pleasant activities include access to water sports like canoeing, kyacking, and where allowed, fishing and swimming.  Inviting friends and neighbors for parties and barbeques to join you in all of these activities adds more fun and value to your purchase. 









While home inspections can, and should, be done with these on the water locations,  make sure that these nearby water sources have not undermined your future home's foundations and adjacent piers and steps.   Remember that due to the everpresent water, wind, and moisture that is found near the water, you may have more wear and tear on a home than on one further inland.  Before you buy, you might want to determine if your home is part of an area homeowners association.  If so, be sure to read the regulations pertaining to your home, so that you can determine your future rights and privileges.  Be sure to ask what you are going to be responsible for, and what the organization will be responsible for should any future problems arise with regard to your home or the neighborhood. 

All in all, living on the water is an exciting and desirable thing to plan for, so let me know if that interests you, and we can make that plan. 



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