In Part 1, we began to list some of the initial steps to take in finding your future ideal home.  Whether you are looking in central Alameda, or Bay Farm Island, the suggestions remain the same. 

In Part 2-below is an in depth look at some of the key factors to add on to your initial considerations.

1. What Kind of Home Do You Want?  While this may seem obvious, there is a huge variety of choices that you must make.  Important examples include:

a. What style of home appeals to you?

b. How many bedrooms do you need?  How many bathrooms?

c. Do you want a one-story or two-story home?

d. How important is the size of the yard?  Do you want a yard at all?

e. What are your childrens' most important requirements?

f. How close do you want to be to your neighbors?

g. Do you have pets?  What are their needs?

h. What kind of storage or garage space is important?

2. What Are Your Interior Requirements?

a. Do you want a formal living room and dining room?

b. Do you want a family room and/or a large kitchen?

c. Do you want a patio deck or pool?

d. Do you want a finished basement or attic?

e. Do you want a master bedroom/bath combination?

f. How important is wall to wall carpeting vs. hardwood floors?

f. What kind of views would you prefer?

3. Putting It All Together--After reviewing most of these items above, consider the following:

a. What special needs are your highest priority--the must haves?  The cannot change items?

b. Will you be willing to take an older home with a lower price, or will you just consider new homes?

c. How much repair and renovation would you be willing to do?

d. What financial resources can you draw upon to step up to your ideals?

e. What items are you willing to be the most flexible about?  What will you drop, if needed?

In summary, together, we can put together a plan that will save you both time, money and energy in the search for your new home.  We can focus on homes that meet your standards, and get you into that new home soon.



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