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Green Day’s frontman, guitarist Billy Joe Armstrong, has just added his Oakland, California estate to the luxury market. The 5 bedroom Mediterranean / Normandy estate was built for Armstrong back in 1998 by architect Mark Becker and features over a half acre lot, pool with pool house and an open floor plan. Located in the Claremont Pines area of Oakland, the mansion has wonderful views for the San Francsico Bay. Boasting lots of unique ironwork, a rough-hewn beamed rotunda and, of course, a music studio, the home also includes a winding brick staircase. The remains of a 1911 'Red Gate' mansion designed by Julia Morgan.


While most of the house has been redecorated, there are a few vestiges of Billie Joes' taste, including a bathroom adjacent to the

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This is the next part of the vintage Oakland real estate developer movie from the 1920's that documents the building of Oakland's 9th St pier and the famous Alaska Packers Fishing Fleet of sailing ships with their big masts. They also show the "new" Oakland airport which cost over a million dollars to built. The lineup of biplanes and old aircraft are great to see.


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I found some great vintage footage from the 20's that a real estate developer made of the Oakland area. It was trumpeting all of the great things about the Oakland in regards to shipping and transportation. Oakland had one of the largest train hubs and continues to have one of the largest shipping ports on the west coast. There are some great shots of Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon built in 1883, it looks the same today as it did back then. The name was based upon the fact that Alameda was a 'dry' town. If you were coming or going to Alameda on the ferry, Heinold's was your first and last chance to get a drink. There are also some great shots of the Tribune tower and downtown Oakland as well as the shipping ports that made Oakland famous. I will

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There are so many tips about fixing up your home before you put it on the market.  You can go as far as hiring a designer to come in and “stage” your house, or have a new front garden installed to increase its curb appeal.  With families centered around the kitchen, any new appliances or cabinet door fronts are a welcome addition to a tired format.  All this costs money, but surveys have shown that some of this is a wise investment, because your home is more attractive and can command a higher price.

One thing that often gets overlooked is cracks.  Cracks can mean a lot of things, and can make people anxious about the condition of the home.  A house can look fresh and newly painted, but if cracks-even very small ones- are showing up in the floors, on the…
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“Doing your homework” has a special meaning when buying a house. There is a tendency to focus on the home itself—it's size, it's backyard, the kitchen and family room, etc.. The buyers will concentrate on the number of bedrooms, and baths, and how they can negotiate the best price for the home once they have found the ideal place.

While that is normal, and eminently practical, there is another consideration that often is not fully included in the consideration. That element is the neighborhood. This may seem obvious, and most parents have already checked into the school district and looked up and down their street for any obvious issues for discussion with their agent.

But there is more—the extended neighborhood. That extended neighborhood

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Actually, the question should be "Why not choose Oakland?". It's central location on the coast makes an ideal departure site for nearby San Francisco or busy San Jose.  It is short distance from scenic coastal towns like Monterey or Mendocino, or the nearby wine country of Napa and Sonoma counties.  
Looking for your own personal scenic views?  feb_2009_044_400The hills above Oakland gives you a panoramic view in every direction.  The Oakland estuary offers everything from small kayaks to sailboat racing on weeknights, to the bright white Coast Guard cutters making ready for long offshore trips.
Enjoy mountain views?  The Claremont and Montclair neighborhoods have streets lined with ecalyptus, pine, manzanita and fir trees, causing you to mistake the area for Lake Tahoe.  
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In just a few years Oakland, San Leandro and other East Bay homes have become affordable to many first time home buyers. The median price of Bay Area homes has continued to drop from $720,000 in the spring of 2007 to the current $295,000 median price of homes sold in Feb 2008.  The majority of these homes have been REOs(bank owned) and short sale (pre- foreclosure) listings but these have also brought down the price of surrounding owner occupied homes as well. Additional changes in lending practices and the $8000 federal tax credit have also stimulated buying in many neighborhoods. Maxwell Park, Laurel, and Dimond neighborhoods have seen plenty of buyers looking to get into these areas.  Some houses are selling for over $200,000 less than they were just…
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Oakland has always a diverse city but never more so than now. There are now three different homes in Oakland listed for $45,000 and less and 3 homes listed for more than $3.5 million. One of the Million dollar listings has breathtaking views of Oakland, San Francisco as well as the $33,000 home in the flat lands, though you might need a telescope to see it.

1504 92nd is a cute 2 bedroom 1 bath bungalow that is listed at $33,000. This same home would sell for 10 times this amount and more in many Oakland neighborhoods but as they say, ' location, location, location". In reading the MLS further, the $33,000 listing price is actually the opening bid at auction later in the month but I will keep you posted for what it actually sells for.


Another house on

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One of the undiscovered gems of Oakland is the Union Point park near the Park St. bridge leading to Alameda. Formally a vacant, weed covered lot the area has been transformed into a waterfront park including a Children's play area with a Sailing ship climbing structure, a Bridge to nowhere, a semi-circular pier / art installation and its centerpiece, a bougainvillea covered spiral hill in the middle. On weekends the park is a great place for picnics and gatherings right next to the water. There are BBQ grills and plenty of open space for throwing a Frisbee or football. From the top of the hill you are treated to a beautiful view down the Oakland estuary, with the barges, fishing boats and ships of the adjacent Coast Guard Island. Studded with artwork,…
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I just read an interesting article on the state of home sales in parts of Oakland.  Low priced ($200,000 and less) homes are becoming very attractive to investors. They can buy a home, rent it out, and still have positive cash flow because of the strong rental market. Many investors are coming in with all-cash offers for a smooth transaction with the bank.

The median price of a home in Oakland is now $330,000 which is roughly half of what it was only 18 months ago. What is driving homes sales up and prices down is the amount of REOs (bank-owned) and short-sales being sold. 50% of homes sales last month involved foreclosed homes, but foreclosures only represented 14% in Dec. 2007.

Banks are also starting to list their homes low and let the market

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