There comes a time, when selling your Alameda or Alameda Bay Farm Island home, that potential buyers will be touring your home.  It is a fact that a large majority of homes today have pets.  They might be cats, dogs, birds or hamsters, but they are part of the household.  As such, they can create some issues for potential buyers viewing the home.

Here are some suggestions to prepare for visits:

1. Recognize a Problem With a Pet--If your dog barks, jumps up or leaps around, or your cat scratches anything that moves, it is time to make plans to find a safe, quiet, place for that pet during open houses and tours.  Many owners are used to this behavior, and have been unable or unwilling to change it.  Unfortunately, it creates the exact opposite of the image that you want to convey about your home--a pleasant and welcoming place. 

2. Recognize That Your Home May Have an Odor--This is especially likely if you have more than one cat or dog.  Your family may have gotten used to these odors, but they can be quite unattractive to buyers who might be concerned with them staying with the home.  One of my jobs as your Alameda real estate agent is to assist you in making this consideration.

3. Start Early to Remove Any Odors--This removal can take time, so you want to make plans to get started on it right away.  Check with a pet store outlet as to the best type of cleaning agent that will remove odors and stains from your carpeting.  Better yet, consider investing a bit of money to get your carpets cleaned and refreshed.  It will make a huge difference in appearance, and in that first important impression.

4. Scrub Out All Bowls and Wash All Pet Bedding Regularly--If possible, put these away as people walk through the various rooms.

5. Keep Your Floor Litter Free--All pet balls, toys, scratching posts, etc., should not be underfoot. They can be a walking hazard, and distracting.

6. Remove or Refresh the Litter Boxes--They really should be nowhere in site, but if that is not possible, make sure that they are super clean for any viewing.

In summary, while you may love Spot or Fluffy, your future buyers may not want to visit them when they visit your home.

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